Nikki Hamers

Nikki E.J.M. Hamers

attorney-at-law | the Netherlands


  • real estate
  • corporate
  • commercial contracts & contract management
  • dispute resolution & risk management

 Nikki joined the Netherlands Bar organization in 2017 and gained expertise in commercial law as well as the corporate and the real estate sector at specialized boutique law firms. Nikki specializes in commercial & residential real estate (company and sale and leaseback) transactions, (logistic) turnkey projects, project development, leasing and litigation.

Nikki Hamers has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar's register:

  • real estate law
  • tenancy law

Based on this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits per calender year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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M: +31 (0)6 49 94 83 59